The Campaign for The Night Ministry

Since 1976, The Night Ministry has led the way in developing innovative models of care and outreach to Chicagoans experiencing homelessness or poverty. We are at an important juncture in our history, hoping to take advantage of several opportunities to enhance the quality of our services and operations and increase collaboration among our programs.

Total Amount Needed: $8,714,005

Funds raised as of March 4, 2021

Although we have reached our goal of $8.714 million, we are continuing to raise funds for The Campaign for The Night Ministry through September of 2021. If you are interested in making a donation, please contact Christy Prassas, Vice President of Philanthropic Engagement, at 773-506-6023 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Campaign for The Night Ministry recognizes four elements for success


Capital for Move to and Improvements of 1735 North Ashland for The Crib, Health Outreach Bus Program, and The Night Ministry's Central Office

The relocation of The Crib, our overnight shelter for young adults experiencing homelessness, to 1735 North Ashland addresses facility concerns faced by the program in its original location. The new space features separate sleeping, dining, and recreation areas, multiple private washrooms and showers, and more, providing a more dignified experience for the program's guests.

1735 North Ashland serves as the new home for The Night Ministry's Health Outreach Bus, uniting the Bus with the Outreach & Health Ministry staff in the same location for the first time in the program's 32-year history. A dedicated loading dock and strategic access to donation and supply storage at the new location are improving the Bus program's efficiency.

The Night Ministry's central administration has relocated to 1735 North Ashland, accomodating expanded operational needs that have come with growth in programs and staff over the last two decades. The new building features technology upgrades, collaborative working spaces, and increased capacity to host staff, volunteers, board meetings, and more while providing options for future growth.


Capacity Building and Sustainability Fund for the First Three Years of Operation at 1735 North Ashland

The Night Ministry's committment to responsible fiscal sustainability is demonstrated by our four-star rating from Charity Navigator for three years in a row. The capacity building and sustainability fund prudently ensures financial security given increased operating costs for the first three years in our new location.


Enhanced Care at the Response-Ability Pregnant & Parenting Program

Funds raised will help us implement forthcoming program and facility changes designed to best address the unique challenges facing young pregnant and parenting mothers and their children.


Growing the Endowment to Facilitate Resiliency in Responding to Future Needs

Building our endowment from $3.8 million to $5 million or more will allow funds to be withdrawn to support programs and increase our ability to respond to the changing needs of the individuals whom we serve.

For more information about supporting The Campaign for The Night Ministry, including Gift Recognition Opportunities, or to schedule a tour of the new builidng, please contact Christy Prassas, Vice President of Philanthropic Engagement, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 773-506-6035.

Campaign Honor Roll

$500,000 – $999,999
Anonymous Friend of The Night Ministry (3)
The Night Ministry Board of Directors (23)

$250,000 – $499,999
Anonymous Friend of The Night Ministry (5)
Crown Family Philanthropies
Daniel & Jacqueline Frett
Haeger Family Foundation
Joseph & Bessie Feinberg Foundation
Julius Frankel Foundation
Pond Family Foundation
Summerdale Community Church, a United Church of Christ Congregation
The Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Foundation
The Night Ministry Asset Management Organization

$100,000 – $249,999
Anonymous Friend of The Night Ministry (1)
Daniel W. Bednarz & Terrence McMahon
Linda J. Cheeseman
Dan & Meg Donoghue
The Elizabeth Morse Charitable Trust
Patricia & Dan Jorndt
Judelson Family Foundation
Kemper Educational & Charitable Fund

$25,000 – $99,999
Anonymous Friend of The Night Ministry (3)
Alvin H. Baum Family Fund
The Borromeo Family
Charleen Cepek
Denny & Sandy Cummings
The Grainger Foundation
IMC Chicago Charitable Foundation
Norman Jeddeloh & Mario Lopez
Lutheran Church of the Ascension
Laurie McCollum & Carl Warschausky
Mizerk-Thorrens Family
Clark Pellet & Robert Kohl
Karen & Dick Pigott
Prince Charitable Trusts
The Ringer Family
Tim Sherck
The Dover Gratitude Fund
The Night Ministry Associate Board
The Potter's Clay Foundation

$10,000 – $24,999
Anonymous Friend of The Night Ministry (6)
Susan & William Bennett
Dave, Nicole, Jackson, & Emily Berger
Kiantae A. Bowles
Kristi Dahm & Brian Herman
Melanie Ehrhart & Tom O'Malley
Brian & Kathy Fergemann
Melanee Jech
John R. Houlsby Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. James McDonald
Pierce Family Foundation
Jill & Alan Ruter
John W. & Jeanne M. Rowe
Len Strauch
The A. Montgomery Ward Foundation
The Clorox Company
The Cornwall Trust
The Estate of Joan Landi
The Estate of Therese Lynch
The Night Ministry Staff (57)
Eddie & Pamela Williams

$1,000 – $9,999
Anonymous Friend of The Night Ministry (11)
Paula & Gordon Addington
Ellen J. Alexander
The Erin Archer Family
Lucy & Peter Ascoli
Anita Balodis, MD
Fred & Kathleen Bauters
David & Gina Barsotti
Everett & Laura Bell
Lisa Bertagnoli & William Schober
Reggie & Renee Blissett
Barbara Bolsen
Frank Bornhofen
Elizabeth D. Buffardi
Mary Ellen Burke
Ed Calkins
Robert A. & Maureen H. Carson
Jack & Carole Casey
Suzanne & David Causton
Linton Childs
Bob & Kelley Cole
ComEd Energy Efficiency Program
Julie & Christopher Conger
Merle Cooper/In Memory of Donald & Gloria Cooper
Marti Corcoran
Beth A. Coughlin & David D. Wang
Richard & Mary Daly
Julie & John Danaher
Dart Foundation
Marlene Denz
Barbara Z. Dick
Anne-Marie Douglas
Catherine Dunaway
Janice & H. Steven Duncan
Mark Durbin
David Ellis
Epiphany United Church of Christ
Tina M. Erickson & Michael A. Krutsch
Janine Landow-Esser & Jeff Esser
The Evans Beneditz Missionary Trust Fund
Randall Fearnow/Beth Compton
Norma Flynn
Dan Foley/Kathleen Regina, APN, MS  1943–2016
Anita M. Freeman
Janice C. Hack
Barbara Jean Geist-Deckert
Pauline & Paul Gekas
William J Gibbons
Andrea & Joe Goodkin
Linsley S. Gray, Jr.
Jay & Bev Greenberg
Alan & Carol Greene
Bob Hack
John & Dana Hagenah
Paul W. Hamann & Thomas A. Grell
Gary Hanson
John P. Harris LCSW
Nancy & John Hartung
HCD Foundation
John O'Jones Fund
Carol B. Johnson
J. Thomas Johnson & Barbara Chasnoff
Mark A. Johnson & Judith M. Wright
Theador Johnson
Maria & Joern Kallmeyer
Lawrence Kearns
Rebecca & Steven Kismohr
George N. Koutsonicolis
John J. Kulczycki
Carl & Lyn Kunda
Elizabeth Kurman
Barb & Lou Lanwermeyer
Mr. & Mrs. James Lifton
Mike Linder
Miranda & Jed Mandel
Mary Lou Downs Foundation
Ted & Almeda Maynard
Danny & Nikki McBride
Kay McCurdy
Valerie McGee, In Memory of Michael Radek
James & Joanell McKenna
Bozena & John McLees
Marc Miller & Chris Horsman
Dr. Leo & Catherine Miserendino
Robert Montgomery
Nonie Morris
Ken & Susan Morrison
John & Maureen Muench
Susan Romaine Murphy
Iver Nelson
Elizabeth Nesi
Pamela Anne Nosse
Peter Notier
Cathy & Bill Osborn
J. L. Paine & R. G. Barr
Mary Duffy Pelzer/The Pelzer Family
Barbara & Robert P. Perkaus, Jr.
Richard N. Peterson & Rev. Wayne T. Bradley
Philip M. Friedmann Family Charitable Trust
Pilgrim Congregational Church, Oak Park
Christy Prassas
Dana Preston/In Memory of Julius H. Preston III
William R. & Mary Hutchings Reed
Michael Rhee
David Rittof/Tim Bruhn
Patricia Rivera
Robin Lee Roberts
Lois H. Robinson
Ellen Romberg
Dr. Lisa Rone & Melba Lara
Michael Rosenbaum
Dale & Leanna Rublaitus
Libby & Jay Rutherford
Erin Ryan & Ryan Spangler
Dr. & Mrs. G. Stephen Scholly
Tom & Maryellen Scott
Michele Semisch
Margaret Shaklee & Hillis Howie
Donald Sheber & David Wywialowski
Justin & Jessica Siegel
Aimee & Mark Skinner
Laurence Sloma & Lauralyn Persson
Mike & Kelly Smith
Suzanne Bessette-Smith & David K. Smith
Solidcore Holdings
Colleen Sonnefeldt
St. Clement's Parish
Debra L. Stetter
Jack and Pat Sturgeon
Mary-Morag Sutherland
Ross Sweeny
Tim & Pam Szerlong
Tod Tappert & John Gallagher
The Hickey Family Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Thomas
Thomas Family Foundation
Christine Tiseo
Preston M. Torbert
Barbara Timberlake
Marilyn Trant, Emmett F. Trant Family
Matthew Volmerding
Amy & Tony Volpe
Diane & Kurt Vragel
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick H. Waddell
Robert & Stephanie Weddell
Barbara A. Weiner
Michael Weisman/In Memory of Danielle Reed
Wilma Wendt
Charlotte Whitley & Lee Lohman
Guy Zakrzewski/In Honor of Margaret & Frank Zakrzewski
Shelley Ziacik

Campaign Cabinet 

Don Mizerk, Chair
Kristi Dahm
Melanie Ehrhart
William A. Goldstein
Dana S. Ringer

Campaign Partners

The Alford Group
Campaign Counsel

Bulley & Andrews
Construction Contractor

Wheeler Kearns Architects
Central Office Design

View Our Progress

  • Morning at The Crib, our overnight shelter for young adults, at its prior location

    Guests sleept on mats on the floor, which were put away in storage every morning.

  • The dorm room at the new location

    At 1735 North Ashland, guests sleep on beds in a dedicated dorm room.

  • The Vibe is the lounge for guests of The Crib

    Guests can relax, play games, access computers, and take a break in the lounge.

  • The dining room at the new Crib location

    The dining room is also used for group activities and house meetings.

  • Loading up the Health Outreach Bus at the old headquarters

    The Bus was parked overnight more than three miles away from The Night Ministry's previous headquarters.

  • Parking for The Night Ministry's vehicles

    1735 North Ashland has parking for the Health Outreach Bus and Street Medicine Van when they are not in use.

  • 1735 has a dedicated loading dock

    Supplies and donations can be brought in and out of the building with ease.

  • Administrative offices on the second and third floors

    1735 North Ashland has room for staff expansion.

1735 North Ashland Avenue, Suite 2000, Chicago, IL 60622 |
Phone: 773-784-9000