• “I feel blessed to have been a small part in the beautiful, complex engine that is The Night Ministry and its ability to lift up members of our community up during hardship.”
    - Jamie Schultz

  • “I am grateful to actively support my community with both time and resources. I am grateful for the relationships I have built with other volunteers and our clients.”
    - Courtney Anderson

  • “We are grateful for The Night Ministry's passion to serve the vulnerable communities in Chicago.”
    - Francisco Roman

  • “We are one large, diverse community and need to support each other through good and complicated times.”
    - Sharon Markman

  • “I am grateful that we give people hope that their future can be brighter.”
    - Janice Hack

  • “I am grateful to The Night Ministry Health Outreach Bus team - I am inspired by their dedication and privileged to be able to ride alongside them as a volunteer.”
    - Rachel Hermes

  • “I’m grateful to volunteer with an organization who provides their clients with the dignity, respect, and hope they deserve!”
    - Lisa Youngberg

  • “I’m thankful for the extraordinary levels of kindness, generosity, and dedication I see from The Night Ministry’s staff, volunteers, and donors. This community inspires me at every point, more than words can express.”
    - Dave Berger

  • “Grateful for the ever present positive energy! Thank you everyone.”
    - Jenny Merritt

  • “The Night Ministry is one amazing ship with many amazing captains — working together to be the beacon of hope. I am happy to support each of those captains keep the ship afloat for so many of our proud Chicagoans!”
    - Steve Kismohr

  • “Grateful for the privilege of serving Health Outreach Bus clients as a volunteer: it is truly a privilege. I miss volunteering so much and can’t wait to be back at it. Thinking of the Bus staff and clients always.”
    - Tara Meadows

  • “I am inspired and uplifted to be a part of an organization that works so tirelessly to end homelessness.”
    - Luanne Wilhelm

  • “I’m grateful to know and be a part of this compassionate community of The Night Ministry staff, volunteers and supporters.”
    - Kristi Dahm

  • “I am grateful for the privilege to volunteer at the Open Door Shelter and to be able to bond with the most amazing youth.”
    - Henrietta Dombrovskaya

  • “I am grateful and forever inspired by The Night Ministry's frontline staff who day after day show up for the individuals they serve!”
    - Maggie Shiflett

  • “Grateful to the staff and all at The Night Ministry. So few who do so much for so many . . . the least, the last, and the lonely.”
    - Dennis Thorn

  • “I am so grateful and proud to be part of an organization where frontline workers and staff constantly show their dedication to helping others and consistently serve with kindness and compassion. I am so inspired by all who carry out the mission.”
    - Dana Ringer

  • “I’ve been so heartened over the past several months to see people from all over the city reaching out to The Night Ministry and letting us know of their neighbors experiencing homelessness who may need our services.”
    - Tedd Peso

  • “I am grateful for all of the The Night Ministry staff who, despite all of the obstacles this year has presented, have continued to serve those most in need with compassion, respect, and positive energy.”
    - Bennett Applegate

  • “I am grateful that you bring light where there is darkness, hope where there is despair, food where there is hunger, safety where there is fear.”
    - Maria Leone

  • “I am grateful that I can volunteer for an organization that has a mission that I strongly believe in and also accepts individuals as they are with open arms, an open mind, and an open heart.”
    - Kristen Justus

  • “I so appreciate The Night Ministry staff and volunteers who dedicate themselves to the underserved in Chicago. What they offer to the people on the streets of Chicago with supplies, food, mental health, and nursing care is truly amazing. I am proud to be a very small part in helping to accomplish their mission.”
    - Merle Cooper

Community Celebration of Thanksgiving

The Night Ministry is giving thanks to all members of its community for supporting its mission this year.

These messages of gratitude were gathered during our Community Celebration of Thanksgiving, held virtually on Tuesday, November 17. You can watch a replay of the event, as well as our new video celebrating the spirit and impact of our community, below.

Thank you to each and every member of our community.

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