The Next Chapter

The Night Ministry has moved key portions of its operations to better serve Chicago’s homeless population.

The move to a new facility in Chicago’s Bucktown neighborhood is enhancing the quality and improving the efficiency of the services we provide every year to thousands of our city’s must vulnerable residents while supporting ongoing innovation in our programs.

1735 North Ashland is the new home for The Crib, our overnight shelter for young adults, as well as our Health Outreach Program staff, their outreach vehicles, and our Central Administration.

Why We've Moved

A New Home for The Crib

The Crib provides safe, supportive shelter for young adults ages 18 to 24 who are experiencing homelessness. The program has relocated from Lakeview to 1735 North Ashland.


• Dining, sleeping, and activities take place in one 900-square-foot basement room
• Guests sleep on mats on the floor
• Limited shower and bathroom facilities

At 1735 North Ashland

• Quiet dorm room with beds
• Dedicated dining room
• Large multi-purpose space
• Multiple private bathrooms and showers
• Youth Outreach Team on site to provide case management and other support

A New Home for the Health Outreach Bus

The Night Ministry’s Health Outreach Bus brings free health care, food, clothing, and supportive services directly to seven underserved Chicago neighborhoods six days a week. The Night Ministry’s Outreach & Health Ministry staff have relocated from 4711 North Ravenswood Avenue to 1735 North Ashland.


• Bus stored overnight miles away from Health Outreach staff
• No dedicated loading and unloading space

At 1735 North Ashland

• Overnight parking for the Bus and other Outreach & Health Ministry vehicles
• Dedicated loading dock
• Enhanced storage for medicine and medical supplies

A New Home for Central Administration

The Night Ministry’s headquarters is moving from 4711 North Ravenswood to 1735 North Ashland to accommodate increased operations which are critical to supporting innovation and growth in our programs.


• Staff size and operating budget have doubled since moving into current building in 2002
• Meeting and training spaces also function as as sorting and storage areas for in-kind donations

At 1735 North Ashland

• More square footage for present and future staffing and operational needs
• Expanded storage area for in-kind donations such as clothing, hygiene kits, and sack suppers
• Increased space for holding volunteer trainings, staff gatherings, board meetings, community events, and more

Move Updates

  • The Crib, Health Outreach Program and Central Administration have now moved into 1735 North Ashland.
  • Our mailing address is 1735 North Ashland Avenue, Suite 2000, Chicago, IL 60622
  • Our main phone number remains 773-784-9000. Phone numbers for staff members remain the same.
  • If you have items such as clothing or hygiene supplies to donate, please contact Miranda Dean, Resource Coordinator, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 773-506-6022.

Further questions may be directed to Christy Prassas at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 773-506-6023.

Tour The Night Ministry's New Headquarters

Supporting the Move

The Night Ministry estimates the cost of the move and renovation of 1735 North Ashland, for which it has signed a multi-year lease, will be $5.6 million. It also projects an additional need of $1.7 million for capacity building and sustainability for the first three years of operation at the new building, as rent, utility, and occupancy costs will be greater than its current locations for The Crib and administrative offices.

Funding the move is part of a capital campaign The Night Ministry launched earlier this year. For information about supporting the move, contact Christy Prassas, Vice President of Philanthropic Engagement, at 773-506-6023 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Our Progress

Guests come through the entrance to The Crib for the first time at 1735 North Ashland. Photo taken 7/13/20.

Guests tour tour the dorm room at The Crib during their first night at the new facility. Photo taken 7/13/20.

Juan Carlos Roca, Lead Outreach Minister, and Troy Thompson, Bus Outreach Professional, load up the Health Outreach Bus with food and supplies at 1735 North Ashland. Photo taken 6/18/20.

Juan Carlos Roca, Lead Outreach Minister, uses the loading dock at 1735 North Ashland to bring food and supplies out to the Health Outreach Bus. Photo taken 6/18/20.

The Health Outreach Bus and the Street Medicine Van can park in the lot next to 1735 North Ashland when not in use. Photo taken 6/18/20.

The dining room at The Crib overnight shelter can also be utilized for group activities and events. Photo taken 5/14/20.

Guests of The Crib will have access to two sets of free washers and dryers for their clothes. Photo taken 5/14/20.

The Vibe is the lounge for guest of The Crib. Photo taken 5/11/20.

The conference room will feature state-of-the art technology and can be divided into multiple spaces. Photo taken 5/11/20.

There are multiple staff huddle rooms on the second and third floors of the building. Photo taken 5/11/20.

Looking down from the communicating staircase unto the work spaces for Volunteering, Community & Congregational Relations (VCCR) staff. Photo taken 5/11/20.

Furniture has arrived and work spaces are being set up throughout the office. Photo taken 4/24/20.
The lounge at The Crib will give guests a place to relax or study. Photo taken 4/24/20.
Our new conference room will feature state-of-the-art technology. We plan to utilize the space not only for internal meetings but to host meetings with community and service partners as well. Photo taken 4/24/20.
The conference and training room will accommodate all-staff meetings as well as volunteer orientations. Photo taken 3/20/20.
Huddle rooms on the second and third floors will provide space for staff to meet with their colleagues. Photo taken 3/20/20.
The communicating stairwell between the second and third floors will connect staff from different teams. Photo taken 3/20/20.
The Crib will have a fully functioning kitchen, allowing for onsite preperation of meals. Photo taken 3/20/20.
Construction personnel in The Crib's dormitory room, cutting floor coverings for the adjacent staff office. Photo taken 3/20/20.

The main entrance for the administrative office and the entrance to The Crib will both be on the north side of the building. Photo taken 3/20/20.

Student artists created this beautiful mural for the first floor, home to The Crib overnight shelter. Photo taken 2/6/20.
The interior stairwell will link the second and third floors of the administrative office, facilitating collaboration among departments. Photo taken 1/28/2020.

The main entrance to the building will have an ADA-compliant ramp. Photo taken 11/19/19.

The Crib staff will have their offices on the same floor as the bedroom, dining room, and lounge for guests. Photo taken 11/19/19.

The main reception area will be on the second floor, near the northeast corner of the building. Photo taken 10/18/19.
The loading dock area at the north east corner of the building will be converted into our main entrance. Photo taken 10/18/19.
Drywall installation has begun where The Crib's dining room/multi-purpose space and kitchen will be located on the first floor. Photo taken 10/18/19.
A shower being installed for The Crib. The facility will have multiple showers for guests; guests have access to only one shower in The Crib's current location. Photo taken 10/15/19.
The Crib will have a separate dining room/multi-purpose space. Currently guests eat, sleep, and recreate in the same small space in The Crib's current location. Photo taken 9/25/19.
The Youth Outreach Team (YOT) will have its office on the first floor. In addition to connecting to homeless youth across the city, YOT staff provide case management for guests of The Crib. Photo taken 9/25/19.
Ductwork has been installed on the second floor. Photo taken 9/11/19.
Ground work being laid for the new floors on the first floor, where The Crib overnight shelter for young adults will be located. Photo taken 9/11/19.
Looking north on the first floor toward the loading dock and parking lot, where the main entrance will be. There will be a waiting room for guests of The Crib who arrive before intake. Photo taken 8/15/19.
Another sign of progress: Bulley & Andrews have set up the construction office on the second floor! Photo taken 7/24/19.
Our construction contractor, Bulley & Andrews, have posted the construction sign, and we have started interior demolition. Photo taken 7/24/29.

1735 North Ashland Avenue, Suite 2000, Chicago, IL 60622 | 773-784-9000
The Night Ministry is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. Our Federal Tax ID (EIN) is 36-3145764.