Illuminating Human Connection

“If housing and health care are what we do, then human connection is how we do it.”

Paul W. Hamann, President & CEO
The Night Ministry

Each year, The Night Ministy provides life-saving resources such as housing and health care for more than 5,670 Chicago residents struggling with homelessness or poverty. Just as important as these resources are the connections we build with those whom we serve, life-changing relationships rooted in compassion and acceptance.

Watch this series of videos to learn more about the role of human connection in The Night Ministry's programs.

Why Human Connection?

  • “It can be such a long road from staying on the streets to being stably housed. Having someone supporting you through it is so important.”
    Allison Boyle, Youth Outreach Team Case Manager

  • “The relationship building component has been the most critical in making sure we can vaccinate our patients.”
    Mary Poliwka, Community Health Manger

    Pictured: Dr. Nathan Lin, Street Medicine Intern, & a patient

  • “If we only ask the client, 'What do you need?' then we are skipping that essential part of what The Night Ministry does — relationship building.”
    Juan Roca, Lead Outreach Minister

  • “My housemates are like my extended siblings and the staff members are like the aunts and uncles.”
    Arlyssia, Phoenix Hall resident

  • “When you thought in your past you had nobody, you have The Night Ministry now. You're surrounded by adults that care. And you have the benefits of being part of a community that shares the same struggles that you do.”
    Lori Herrera, Phoenix Hall Program Manager

Everybody needs relationships in their lives. Safe, accepting, and nonjudgmental. At The Night Ministry, we believe that building supportive relationships with those whom we serve recognizes their dignity, helps to build confidence, and can become the foundation for journeys of personal change.

In spring of 2021, The Night Ministry illuminated the human connection that is at the heart of our work by sharing stories about the importance of relationships while raising critical funds to support our Health Outreach and Youth Housing Programs. Thank you to everyone who supported Illuminating Human Connection!

While the Illuminating Human Connection initiative has ended, you can still make a gift to support our mission!


Thank you to our Illuminating Human Connection sponsors. We are grateful for your support and engagement with our mission throughout the initiative. 

In the News

The human connection at the heart of our mission is often highlighted in the media. Read and share recent news stories about The Night Ministry.

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