In 1987, The Night Ministry hired Paul Henderson to develop Exodus Homes, an emergency shelter program for homeless youth who were not wards of the state. The Night Ministry, congregations and families worked together to provide housing and support to homeless and at-risk youth in crisis.

Families opened their homes to youth and were supported by their congregations. The Night Ministry conducted seminars for participating families and congregations on issues facing homeless youth – substance abuse, divorce/separation of their parents or guardians, death of a close family member, domestic violence, physical and/or sexual abuse, prostitution, health issues, and more.

A third street minister joined The Night Ministry, also focusing on homeless youth. They built relationships with youth they met, assisting them to find the services they needed to stabilize their lives. They also develop relationships with other neighborhood youth-serving agencies in order to provide more comprehensive services.

In 1992, we began operating a 120-day Interim Housing Program at Open Door Youth Shelter in the Lakeview neighborhood.

In 2006, we moved our 120-day Interim Housing Program to a new facility in the West Town neighborhood .

In 2007, we began operation of a new, longer-term Transitional Living Program on the top floor of our West Town building. We also began operating an 8-bed 120-day Interim Housing Program solely for Pregnant & Parenting Teens at our Lakeview shelter.

In 2011, we opened The Crib, our overnight youth shelter located in Lakeview.

Since we first learned about homeless youth, The Night Ministry has advocated on their behalf and provided services

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